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10/08/2007, Summer Sundae Festival, Leicester - De Montfort Hall & Gardens

Source : Digital radio

1. National Express04:11
2. Diva Lady04:19
3. Generation Sex04:01
4. A Lady Of A certain Age06:26
5. The Light Of Day04:31
6. Mastermind05:37
7. Your Daddy's Car04:18
8. Becoming More Like Alfie03:14
9. Lucy04:38
10. Don't Look Down05:16
11. Threesome01:35
12. Our Mutual Friend06:40
13. Sunrise04:07


Only 13 songs broadcast on 19. Missing tracks are 'To Die A Virgin', 'Something For The Weekend', 'Mother Dear', 'When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe', 'The Plough', 'Tonight We Fly'.

Part of chat is cut on this broadcast before 'Our Mutual Friend', a more complete broadcast of this track exists.