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14/10/2008, Amnesty International Small Places Tour, The Divine Comedy Vs. Duke Special, Dublin - Vicar Street

Source : Audience

CD1 :
1. (intro)02:35
2. Everybody Needs A Little Something04:01
3. Bath03:07
4. Wanda, Darling Of The Jockey Club04:17
5. I Never Thought This Day Would Come04:06
6. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearts04:29
7. Festive Road02:09
8. Perfect Lovesong03:53
9. Last Night I Nearly Died04:44
10. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe05:29
11. You're So Vain (feat. Thomas Walsh)05:28
12. Mastermind05:58
13. No Cover Up06:28
14. Our Mutual Friend07:37
15. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat03:48
16. Down At The Old Bull And Bush04:49
CD2 :
1. (fight)02:22
2. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes04:46
3. The Plough04:22
4. Digging An Early Grave (cut)03:32
5. National Express05:00
6. (laserfight)03:26
7. Endless Art (feat. Dave Couse & Thomas Walsh)03:55
8. Our Love Goes Deeper Than This07:24
9. Songs Of Love04:41


Le d├ębut de Digging An Early Grave manque