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French version


07/07/2010, Paris - Le Baron

Source : Audience

1. Don't Look Down [missing intro]03:27
(missing Neil saying 'Thank you!')
2. Have You Ever Been In Love?05:08
3. Everybody Knows (Except You)04:30
4. Our Mutual Friends04:16
5. (missing Neil talking about the Football World Cup) / Neil asking for requests (missing saying Neil could only play the songs on guitar and not on a piano)00:19
6. The Summerhouse05:08
7. Tonight We Fly04:05


Audience->Chruch Audio CA-11->MIC-in->Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH1 (PCM Mode)->Sonic Stage (Hi-MD->OMA->WAV)->Adobe Audition:
* Track 1: (Left: +9dB / Right: +13dB)
* Tracks 2-4: (Left: +15dB / Right: +18dB)
* Track 5: (Left: +9dB / Right: +13dB)
* Tracks 6-7: (Left: +4dB / Right: +8dB)

Notes from the taper:
The concert was a private event in a small club. Only the people on the list could make it and I wasn't. I fortunately found a way to get it, but sadly missed the begining of the show.
Had some problems while setting up the recording level between 'Our Mutual Friends' and 'The Summerhouse' but did miss only the talking part (a bit sad as Neil is always funny to hear)