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28/09/2010, Brussels - Le Botanique

Source : Audience

1. Down In The Street Below05:25
2. The Complete Banker04:06
3. The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count03:49
4. The Summerhouse04:36
5. Going Downhill Fast03:25
6. Assume The Perpendicular04:46
7. Neapolitan Girl02:48
8. Becoming More Like Alfie03:09
9. The Lost Art Of Conversation04:34
10. At The Indie Disco04:42
11. Don't You Want Me?03:40
12. Neptune's Daughter04:02
13. Have You Ever Been In Love?04:29
14. A Lady Of A Certain Age05:35
15. Songs Of Love03:55
16. [chat]01:46
17. Geronimo01:56
18. Our Mutual Friend04:41
19. I Like03:39
20. Tonight We Fly04:11
21. National Express03:37
22. Can You Stand Upon One Leg?04:35
23. [outro]04:33


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