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Wiki F.A.Q.

What is a short wiki ?

a short wiki is the feature on a short site that allows you to edit or discuss about the content of a short site.

Why do I have to register ? How do I register ?

You have to register to prevent the site from spam attacks. To register, just use the Register link on the menu.

What content is allowed and what content is not ?

The articles must be factual as far as possible. But you can express your own point of view in the discussion associated to the article.

You must not copy and paste large chunks from external sources, unless you have permission to do so.

Do I have to put the reference when I write about something the band said ?

Even if at the moment most of the articles do not mention their references, please put the reference to the article/interview when you write information about something the band said or think.

When I edit an English article, do I have to also edit the French article ? How do I do if I don't speak French ?

If you can edit both articles (English and French), of course do it. But we won't blame you if you can't. The moderators of a short wiki will always keep an eye on the modifications, and ensure both articles are in sync.

Do I have to respect the layout of the website when I edit an article ?

Once again, we recommend you to respect the layout of the site when you edit a page, but we won't blame you if you don't. The moderators will always keep an eye on the contributions, and will fix the article if it needs to.

Why can't I edit some of the pages like the list of the songs ? Why can't I edit some parts of the pages like the release date of a disc ?

Those kinds of information are factual information. They can be wrong or incomplete on the website, but they shouldn't be edited many times. That's why only the moderators can edit this information. If you want to contribute, please just leave a comment into the discussion of the page.